Last week, I proposed raising money for two charities by buying and reviewing my book, To The Woods: A Journey Along The Appalachian Trail, and sharing details of the offer on social media.  So far we have raised £35. I want to raise £1000 so let's get to it.

This video interview explores why I wrote the book, my experience on the Trail and whether I would attempt such a feat ever again.  Anya is an excellent interviewer and asks any number of insightful questions.  Do please give it a listen.

And here's the deal:

  1. For every sale on Amazon, whether book or Kindle, I donate the entirety of the proceeds to my chosen charities.  You will find the link here
  2. For every like on social media, I donate 10p 
  3. For every share or comment, good or bad, on social media, I donate 20p
  4. For every review, I donate 50p, regardless of whether it is a 5 or 1 star review
  5. I want to make a minimum donation of £500 but ideally a maximum of £1000
  6. There will be an audio book released April 2020 with the same deal
  7. I will report progress on a regular basis, confirm donations and recipients

I have a limited edition print run of the book.  I will gift a signed and numbered copy to anybody who has an idea which significantly helps to spread news of this initiative.  I will also gift a signed and numbered copy on an occasional basis to those who get busy with 2 through 4 above.

Thank you.