I am supporting two charities through sales of To The Woods: A Journey Along The Appalachian Trail.

Raha International works to provide better opportunities for children and young adults through educational initiatives in Kenya and India.  If further evidence is required of the liberating effect of education, it can be found in these examples.

Tomorrow's Warriors has literally changed the face of British jazz over 30 years.  Usually when I go to gigs the musicians and the audience are like me - middle-aged white men.  Tomorrow's Warriors events are a proud exception to this.  And the music is great.

So here's the deal:

  1. For every sale on Amazon, whether book or Kindle, I donate the entirety of the proceeds to my chosen charities.  You will find the link here
  2. For every like on social media, I donate 10p 
  3. For every share or comment, good or bad, on social media, I donate 20p
  4. For every review, I donate 50p, regardless of whether it is a 5 or 1 star review
  5. I want to make a minimum donation of £500 but ideally a maximum of £1000
  6. There will be an audio book released April 2020 with the same deal
  7. I will report progress on a regular basis, confirm donations and recipients

I have a limited edition print run of the book.  I will gift a signed and numbered copy to anybody who has an idea which significantly helps to spread news of this initiative.  

I will also gift a signed and numbered copy on an occasional basis to those who get busy with 2 through 4 above.

Thank you.