It's clear the COVID crisis has had a significant impact on workplaces of all descriptions, given this very significant external shock which has touched every aspect of our lives.

It is:

  1. Amplifying and exacerbating existing fractures, whether in the business model or workplace relationships
  2. Creating new ones, which shouldn't come as a surprise, given that organisations are: facing an existential crisis; working exceptionally hard to keep up with demand; and possibly taking advantage of new business opportunities to grow quickly
  3. Generating significant uncertainty and regular change as governments and organisations respond to events.  Some people thrive on this uncertainty, most  don't
  4. Clouding our view of the future and obliging us to focus on the short term
  5. Obliging us to work in very different ways, including the use of Zoom, Teams etc, or in workplaces where the threat of infection is never far away

None of this is conducive to good relationships in the workplace.

And technology facilitates very little in this respect:

  1. It is difficult to build relationships using laptops
  2. It is easy to damage or at least frustrate relationships using laptops
  3. The absence of personal contact is quickly felt

COVID has created news ways of working and revolutionised the approach to working from home.  

But the sooner we can spend time together at work, the better.

Do you agree?