In this insightful article from Bob Mollen of Fried Frank he sets out ten early stage mistakes founders wont make again.

A number of them are very much related to people and relationships:

  1. Never forget to put in place a founders' agreement which sets out what happens when founders leave. In my experience, it's also a useful opportunity to agree how to resolve the inevitable disputes and have meaningful discussions about individual objectives
  2. If you take money from friends and family, they should assume their money is lost otherwise the relationship will likely be lost over time
  3. Be very careful about hiring friends if only because they might not be up to scratch and firing a friend can be a whole lot more difficult then firing an employee
  4. A failure to look after physical and mental health, particularly in the rather macho world of start ups

The article is worth reading in full and on a regular basis if you are in start-up land.