In 2000, I hiked the 2160 mile Appalachian Trail.

In Tennessee, I met a survivalist and spent the evening with him in a bunk-room just outside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I was about 250 miles in to my Trail adventure and the Smoky's had been very challenging - the weather was wet and cold and the route pretty punishing - so I was ready to eat and sleep.

He was dressed in combat gear, very keen to show me his knives and impress upon me that his daughter could field strip a rifle and use a grenade.

He was also: 

  1. carrying weapons 
  2. storing food, guns and ammunition in the woods  
  3. of the view that all homosexuals and liberals should be sent to Europe.  I was tempted to accept his kind offer.

In November of that year I wrote "Should these ultra-right-wing organisations and groupings ever manage to act in concert, it will be time to worry".

And here we are.

Who knew?