What might walking the 2160 mile Appalachian Trail teach about living through the dreich winter months of COVID and the third lockdown?

  1. Resilience is important, but not at the cost of health and well-being 
  2. The end may be some distance away, but it is in sight and should not be ignored
  3. Little treats lift the spirit, particularly for me if the treat is malt whisky
  4. Seek out and offer support, help and guidance even if supposedly not needed
  5. Look after the basics of sleeping, eating and exercise, however limited
  6. Each day should have structure and a focus on achieving something, however small
  7. Life is short and needs celebrating at every moment

The audio book of my wander along the Appalachian Trail is available on the usual platforms.  A sample can be found below.

The paperback and ebook is available here.  If you post a review - anywhere between 1-5 stars - I will donate an additional sum.

All proceeds will go to my two favourite education charities with £1000 paid forward already.