Membership organisations are full of members who are passionate about whatever it is that the organisation supports, in this case embroidery.

This passion may be puzzling for those who can't see the point or are passionate about different activities.  

But the passion is there and is at its strongest when the organisation is at risk or fundamental changes are made without proper consultation, almost regardless of the value of the changes.

Membership organisations tend to be resistant to change, particularly when it is seen to be forced upon the members from 'above', wherever that is.

None of this is new.  All of it has been seen before.

The trustees of the Embroiderers' Guild have no doubt worked very hard to address the crisis provoked by the pandemic.  They may also have regulatory requirements to meet, demanding swift and decisive action - this much isn't clear from the article.

But they have failed to consult and are now paying a price.

It may not be too late to apologise, start a meaningful consultation exercise and exercise some humility.